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Fading , 2021, Screenprint on button-up shirts, Dimensions vary

In Fading, ink ingrains the surface of button-up shirts, the legibility of the transfer fading in and out based on the applied pressure and the give of the fiber blends. The quoted material and borrowed imagery are taken out of their original context and distorted through the repeated ap- plication of the screen printing process. Through the repeated application, an im- perfect impression undulates the surface and exists in a state between a texture and as a readable content.

The image of the cow, the breeding diagram, and illustrated cattle chute coalesce into a narrative that places the text into a context of the cow industry, which is reinforced by the quotes that relate to specific practices for beef cattle and maintaining one’s own herd.

Through the shirt placement on the standing coat rack, Fading is meant to reference the taking off of a work shirt at the end of the day and the shedding of the related responsibilities before don-

ning the shirt the next day.

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