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Tempering, 2021, 14 gauge steel, 6" (each)

Tempering explores the relation of form and function. Combs are recognized through their structure of a handle and a singular row of teeth. The Idea of a comb creates many possibilities: all- purpose comb, fine-tooth comb, barber comb, pick comb, pin tail comb, hot comb, pocket comb, rake comb, rat tail comb, teasing comb, wide-tooth comb. Its typical features provide a baseline for differing associations and/or uses which have been adapted based on need.

Based on a comb procured from a 2-in- 1 comb-and-mirror set at a thrift store, its form was simplified and underwent a series of changes to create an Idea of a functional object. The form was then repeatedly cut on 14 gauge steel using a CNC machine and manipulated through hammering. Each form differs in its end result and requires different hand positions to continue its assumed function.

For me, combs hold an association of: the yearly checks by the school nurse for lice, my mom would detangling the knots caused by the open truck window, sporadic trips to the walk-in hair salons for inch trims, and when I gave my mom a haircut during the pandemic and cutting a straight line seemed impossible.

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