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Rise and Fall, 2021, Cherry tree

Stool /sto͞ol/ a stump of a tree that can produce suckers or shoots; suckers are a tree’s attempt to revive itself as new branches generate from the stump. In relation to a chair, a stool refers to a seat that typically does not have features like an armrest or backing but is still supported by legs. Depending on the height of the legs and the amount of back support, a chair has an ability to impact the body in a positive or negative manner.

A stool is a place of rest, requiring the sitter to rise and fall as there are no surrounding supports in the form of a backing or armrests. Inspired by an unstable stool I created through greenwood working, Rise and Fall is my second attempt at creating a stool.

The leaves of cherry trees are toxic to grazing mammals, such as cows, horses, goats, and mules. Prior to selling her heifer and calf, my mom cut down a majority of the cherry trees on her acreage. The stool is made from sections of one of the cut cherry trees with a seat being a cookie, or cross-section of the tree, and the legs being vertically split portions. After the removal of the bark and sanding, the seat retained some of its original shape. This contrasts with the stool legs which were shaped on the lathe.

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