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Revolving, 2021, Reclaimed wood, pine planks, and pine door, 8' x 10' x 4"

As defining features of a space, a wall and door act as a revolving place of entry and exit, or more specifically as a boundary or a place of welcoming. In the houses of my childhood, the walls showcased their age through the sagging, creaking, and groaning of the boards; the aging of their exterior; and their ability to encapsulate a history of gatherings and the lifetimes of their inhabitants.

The wall boarding originates from old fencing and pine planks provided by family. The fencing had been replaced by new material, and the old planks were no longer structurally sound enough to maintain their intended barrier.

The door was found after a week of heavy rain in a Columbus neighborhood; fungus, orange mushrooms, and other bodies were growing exponentially upon its decaying surface. Paired with the fencing, the door creates an imitation of an exterior or interior surface found among old Southern houses.

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