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Parting and Dispersal, 2021, Plywood, kona stain, shellac, and carbon transfer, 4" x 4" x 4" (each)

To praise or celebrate : hymn | A hymn is a stanzaic song or poem often created with the intent to praise a god or deity. Typically containing religious overtones, devotional songs coincide with hymns in their purpose of adoration or prayer towards a godly figure.

Every Wednesday and Sunday in Gainesville, GA, from age 8-10, I would go with my Grannie and PawPaw to a local church. After my family moved, I would go from Baptist to Methodist churches; the singing of hymnals being a central activity and a beginning of my love for choir singing. In the church setting, an emphasis was not placed on pitch and instead on the devotion portrayed through singing and a sense of unity.

Through a process of transferring the hymnals via carbon paper, through pressured-tracing, the echoes of a hymnal are passed onto the surface of the plywood at varying degrees of opacity. These echoes reference both the continued history and use of hymnals. Each of the transferred hymns contain messages centered on sorrow and parting.

The Broadman Hymnal, edited by B.B. McKinney. Nashville, Broadman Press, 1940.

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