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In Transitus, 2021, Reclaimed wood and screws, 28" x 36" x 19.5"

In Transitus began as the flooring of a horse trailer, an area of containment and transportation. As a table, the wood acts as an area of contemplation, a starting point, and an endpoint. As ideas circulate in a transitional space, an actualization is able to occur through repeated actions, and the space acts as a place of display.

Originally, the wood no longer held a specific function, and as discarded materials, the boards were slowly deteriorating and acting as a surface for mold, moss, and rot. Using the boards to create a table allowed for this previous history to be attached but also allowed for it to be repurposed and resituated as a different and functional item.

One side of the table showcases a mechanical edge. Through the clean cuts of the material made by a miter saw, the newly exposed material reveals the stability that is hidden by its exterior. This contrasts with the organic, decaying line created by the fragmentation of its existing history. On the underside of the table, a distorted branding showcases infor- mation of an original sale point or lumber company as an above-ground plank.

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