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Sculpture | Installation


Transference, 2021, Installation, Dimensions variable

This installation was a part of "Liminal Light: BFA Student Exhibition" in the Illges Gallery, Corn Center for the Visual Arts at Columbus State University.


Copse, 2020, Plaster, Dimensions variable


Echoes, 2020, Plaster, Dimensions variable


Fractured, 2020, Plaster and hydrocal, 4" x 5" each


Am I Here?, 2020, Installation, Dimensions variable

In Am I Here?, the map of Midtown Columbus, GA, is abstracted to call attention to form and the connection of the streets. The phrase “WHERE ARE YOU” overlaps the map to provide a context of location; however, as punctuation often acts as a prompt and can provide tone and context, its absence relies on the viewer’s interpretation to determine if the phrase is a statement or a question. The interaction that occurs between the projections and the landscape stresses the importance of location and structure. (1) (2)


Familiar Loss, 2019, Installation, Dimensions variable

Audio of Familiar Loss
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Familiar Loss focuses on the gap, figurative and literal, that is left behind when a person passes away. This project displays written and audio memories, mementos, and photos as a reminder of the individuals' importance. Memories are one of the essential ways we remember someone; however, memories are inconsistent and fade over time. Presented, in this piece, are my attempts to search for recollections and information on those I have lost.


Patchwork Recollections, 2018, Installation, Dimensions variable

Patchwork Recollections focuses on the connection between the storytelling of quilts and the stories told by objects. The project explores the narratives of Georgia and Alabama natives, while examining the cultural history of quilting in the Columbus area and the Chattahoochee River. Patchwork Recollections is inspired by the Gee’s Bend Quiltmakers, a community comprised of African American Women.

Special thanks to Hannah Israel and Cathy Fussell for their contribution to this project.

Ainsley Steeves

Cierra Fountain

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