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(Re)production, 2020, Installation, Dimensions vary

Fractured, 2020, Plaster and hydrocal, 4" x 5" (each mug)

The form of Fractured  is based upon a mug from a retail store; however, as a mother mold was not used to retain each cast’s structure, the results differed from the expectations of mass production via a mold.

In Fractured, through interior and exterior manipulation, each cast of the mug changes as pockets of air cause an unevenness in material. These pockets created holes in the walls and fracturing of the handle, which in turn rendered the mug unable to function as a container of liquids.

Copse, 2020, Plaster, Dimensions vary

In Copse, the white of the plaster showcases the removal of nature while the texture acts as a ghostly reminder of its original form.


Through the arrangement and number of the plaster casts, a copse of trees is created as the casts are able to interact with each other in an arrangement that showcases their reliance on self (through stability) and with other casts (through instability).

Echoes, 2020, Plaster and hydrocal, Dimensions vary

Flush to the ground, the trunk sections in Echoes are malformed as they echo the impact of outside sources. Unlike Copse, an immediate relation to a tree is more difficult as the series of three molds progresses. While the texture can still be related to that of tree bark, as the form continues to be flattened and manipulated, it no longer relates to immediate expectations of the trunk.

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